Proof Life was on Mars

NASA Boss: ‘Life Did Exist On Mars, And May Have Life Now’
Signs of Alien Life Will Be Found by 2025, NASA’s Chief Scientist Predicts

On August 5th 2014 at 13:28:20 UTC time the Mars Rover Curiosity snapped the photo below at Hidden Valley that shows visual proof that life on Mars existed in some way. At first glance, it just looks likes rocks strewn across the dusty landscape, however there is more than meets the eye in the photo once you start zooming in on areas. I’m going to focus on two areas but there are many more interesting areas in the picture which I go in to detail here: Mars Sol 710 Curiosity Hidden Valley – 0710MR0030150130402507E01

Many items that have been found in the past are questionable and could be effects of shadows, pareidolia or both. Keeping that in mind, I have questioned many items I have found in these photos and some of them on this site could very well be image effect anomalies due to shadows, pareidolia or rocks stacked to trick the eyes. However, I truly believe that it’s not the case with the items discussed below. I also believe once you see these items they will be very clear to see in the original picture without having to zoom in.

Original Photo from the Curiosity Rover

Below are the areas I’m going to focus on, boxed in red, that will show items and proof that life was on Mars at some point in time. When, how and who are still to be determined but the proof is there.


Below is the same image but with an enhanced filter applied to it.



Now let’s look at the image below that highlights the lower boxed area and there are 3 items that we will look at which are very clear proof that life was on Mars. The image below was taken from the filtered image above and zoomed in at 300%. The first circle contains a bull’s head with horns pointing forward over an eye. The second circle highlights 2 items, the top of an engineered stone with straight lines and 90 degree angles sticking out of the ground and the most important item a carved raised fish on top of a turtle’s head.


Below are the items highlighted with color to be able to see a little better due to the zoomed in degradation.


If you start at the bottom of the turtle’s head, you can see the neck rounded off and see the jaw raised as you follow the neck line up. You can clearly see the mouth open. The eye has 2 raised areas around it, one below to the left of it near the fish’s mouth and one above it’s eye.

Below are the items zoomed in even further.


mars anomaly turtle head with fish stone sol 710 was life on mars


mars anomaly bull head sol 710 was life on mars large


In the upper boxed area you will see 3 items highlighted. I believe these are engineered stones



Rock with rounded top with circle image and 90 degree raised angles


Rectangle rock with straight lines and 90 degree angles with circle image on it.


A tablet that has straight lines, 90 degree angles with a fish image on it.


Another rock that has the circle symbol on it from a different photo taken at the same site.



Full image with items highlighted

The photos on Mars Sol 710 from the Curiosity Rover have many, many more anomalies in addition to the ones above. Download the images and see for yourself.

Additional items from Mars Sol 707 that provide proof life was on Mars in the past.



mars anomaly plant with stems & leaves sol 707 was life on mars large


mars anomaly engineered stone with slanted top & matching insert sol 707 was life on mars large

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