Mysterious Mars Anomalies That Just Can’t Be Rocks

The Curiosity rover has taken 10’s of thousands of images since it’s been on the surface of Mars exposing 1000’s of Mars anomalies. The rover has several cameras attached to it and the Mastcam is the one most similar to that of consumer digital cameras. It consists of 2 megapixels (image size of ~1600 x 1200 pixels) and it’s main job is to take panoramic color images of the surface, atmosphere and terrain ahead of it. Soon the Perseverance Mars Rover will be on the surface and hopefully it’s Mastcam-Z will return more detailed images.

Images from the first 1000 sols were somewhat better in details and clarity compared to the last couple 1000 sols, although none of the images released by NASA have really been outstanding in detail. Many have claimed that the images release from NASA have been modified to hide and conceal the real debris scattered across the landscape. After looking through and zooming into thousands and thousands of images, I have come across many things that just don’t make sense with many images. Many images have had portions of pixels blurred or are released with every other pixel missing.

This article is about items that have slipped through the process and are mysterious, baffling and just don’t look to be natural rocks. Below are just a few of many, many anomalies that I have found over the last several years.

Mars Anomalies that don’t make sense…

Sol 1296, Sol 2316, Sol 1747, Sol 1727, Sol 1648, Sol 1528, Sol 1451, Sol 1450, Sol 1419, Sol 1346, Sol 1302, Sol 1298, Sol 2000

Mars anomalies - sand dollar like object
Mars anomalies - round item
Mars anomalies - totem pole
Mars anomalies - bird sculpture
Mars anomalies - mechanical
Mars anomalies - geometric debris
Mars anomalies - symmetrical artifact
Mars anomalies - the statue
Mars anomalies - pyramid object
Mars anomalies - wing object
Mars anomalies - rounded object
Mars anomalies - alien head

Mars Anomalies that look like animals…

Sol 710, Sol 711, Sol 712, Sol 1432, Sol 1433, Sol 1456, Sol 2023

Mars anomalies - Turtle and Fish
Mars anomalies - animal heads
Mars anomalies - animal statue
Mars anomalies - bird like stone
Mars anomalies - bird stone
Mars anomalies - small baby creature
Mars anomalies - duck face

>>> Many, many more Mars anomalies here. <<<

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