Mars Sol 1512 – Composite View & Anomalies

This composite view of Mars Sol 1512 consists of ten individual images from the Mast Camera (Mastcam) (MSSS-MALIN) on the Curiosity Rover. The composite has been enhanced to remove the hazy effect of the original images to show clearer details of the items in the images.

Curiosity Rover Panoramic View 1e of Mars Sol 1512 – Click to enlarge

The image below is the same image as above but with the contrast levels increased to show more depth and details of items in the image. Keep in mind that increasing contrast does come at a cost as you tend to loose details in darker areas.

Curiosity Rover Panoramic View 1ee of Mars Sol 1512 – Click to enlarge

A few anomalies from the composite image:

Hard to believe that the circled anomaly is just a rock.
Another meteorite?

mars-sol-1512-anomaly-artifacts-1-was-life-on-mars mars-sol-1512-anomaly-artifacts-3-was-life-on-mars mars-sol-1512-anomaly-artifacts-4-was-life-on-mars mars-sol-1512-anomaly-artifacts-5-was-life-on-mars mars-sol-1512-anomaly-artifacts-5a-was-life-on-mars mars-sol-1512-anomaly-artifacts-6a-was-life-on-mars

Fascinating that a shadow could have perfect right angles especially when the object it is cast from doesn’t even closely resemble the shadow.

mars-sol-1512-anomaly-artifacts-7-was-life-on-mars mars-sol-1512-anomaly-artifacts-8-was-life-on-mars mars-sol-1512-anomaly-artifacts-9-was-life-on-mars mars-sol-1512-anomaly-artifacts-10-was-life-on-mars mars-sol-1512-anomaly-artifacts-11-was-life-on-mars mars-sol-1512-anomaly-artifacts-12-was-life-on-mars mars-sol-1512-anomaly-artifacts-13-was-life-on-mars

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