Mars Sol 2434 – Composite View 1 & Anomalies

Composite view 1 of Mars Sol 2434 consists of 5 individual images from the Left Mast Camera (Mastcam) (MSSS-MALIN) on the Curiosity Rover.

Composite view 1 below has been slightly enhanced to remove the hazy effect of the original image above.

Many images that have been release over the last several hundreds sols still consist of horrible resolution hindering the details of many items within those images. It’s still absolutely amazing that a $2.5 billion rover can only take images equal to the clarity of a disposable camera.

Here are a few anomalies from the composite above…

The left item circled has a resemblance of a spine with ribs. The right item circled consists of 2 holes that seemed to be identical.
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