10 Mars Anomalies NASA Doesn’t Want You To See

On Mars Sol (day) 707-714 the Curiosity rover visited Hidden Valley and snapped numerous photos of the landscape. In those photos, many extraordinary Mars anomalies can be found and visually prove life indeed arose on Mars in the past. Not only did life exist but was intelligent enough to create these anomalies. These Mars anomalies obviously raise many questions which will be controversial for most people. When will NASA confirm finding these images?

When the Mars Science Laboratory carrying the Curiosity rover launched on November 26, 2011 it set out to expand the knowledge gathered from the previous rover missions. Curiosity is essentially a lab on wheels and it’s mission was to investigate whether the past environment harbored potential microbial life. It also included a Mast Camera to capture images of the rover’s surroundings in HD stereo and color. Since it’s landing in Gale Crater on August 6, 2012 it has taken thousands of images of the Martian landscape which include numerous Mars anomalies. NASA’s number one science goal on the mission to Mars is to “Determine if Life Ever Arose On Mars“.

Original NASA Images: 707, 710, 710711

Full Images with highlighted areas: 707, 710, 710711

Mars Anomaly 1: Carved Stone of Turtle’s Head with Fish

mars anomaly turtle head with fish stone sol 710 was life on mars
This is probably the most important anomaly of all. It clearly shows precision angles, cuts and details. The turtle’s head contains extraordinary detail such as the neck being rounded with rippled lines, the lower jaw raised and raised features above and below it’s eye while the fish is perfectly raised off the it’s head. The stone to the left of it also shows 90 degree angles and straight lines. This anomaly is found on Sol 710.

Mars Anomaly 2: A Bull’s Head

mars anomaly bull head sol 710 was life on mars large
Once colored the bull’s head clearly stands out with the horns pointing forward and large eye on the side. This anomaly is found on Sol 710.

Mars Anomaly 3: A Plant with Stems and Leaves

mars anomaly plant with stems & leaves sol 707 was life on mars large
The stems and leaves of the plant can be clearly seen in the highlighted version of the anomaly and is very detailed like the other anomalies above. This anomaly is found on Sol 707.

Mars Anomaly 4: Engineered Stone with Slanted Rounded Top and Matching Insert

mars anomaly engineered stone with slanted top & matching insert sol 707 was life on mars large
The precise lines, angles and arc can clearly been seen in the engineered stone. The cut insert matches the top as well. At the bottom you can see a beveled edge just above the dirt line. Again amazing detail and precision with this anomaly. This anomaly is found on Sol 707.

Mars Anomaly 5: Engineered Stones with Circles

mars anomaly engineered stones with circles sol 710 was life on mars
More engineered stones with circles on them, right angles and straight edges. These anomalies are found in Sol 710.

Mars Anomaly 6: Alien Creature

Some type of creature with head and body. This anomaly is found on Sol 710.

Mars Anomaly 7: Skull

mars anomaly skull stone sol 710 was life on mars
A skull with a jagged ridge on top. This anomaly can be found on Sol 710.

Mars Anomaly 8: Sea Horse

mars anomaly sea horse stone sol 710 was life on mars
Top of a sea horse sticking out of the ground. This anomaly can be found on Sol 710.

Mars Anomaly 9: Animal Heads

Two animals heads in the dirt. Same material, shapes, eye , nose and features in the same place. This anomaly can be found on Sol 711.

Mars Anomaly 10: Elongated Alien Head

This alien looking head has been found previously. This anomaly can be found on Sol 711.

These are just a few of the anomalies found during the 707-714 sols. More can be seen in the posts below.


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Mars Sol 707 Curiosity Hidden Valley – 0707MR0030040160402485E01

Mastcam: Right 2014-08-02 12:49:10 UTC – Original Image from Mars Rover Curiosity at Hidden Valley

Another exciting photo from the Curiosity rover which I believe contains more evidence that life was previously on Mars. This one is in the same class as the bull’s head and turtle head with fish.




Yes the most exciting item is on the far upper right in the box. I believe it’s a carving of a plant that has stems and leaves! The other item to the bottom left of it is another engineered stone that has a rounded raised angle with an inset along with a beveled edge at the bottom just sticking out of the dirt.

Colored plant with stems and leaves and engineered stone with raised angle and inset.
Zoomed in image of carved plant.
Colored zoomed in image of carved plant.



Another engineered stone sticking out the dirt that has a rounded and beveled edge.




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