Mars Sol 1463 – Composite View & Anomalies

This composite view of Mars Sol 1463 consists of eight individual images from the Mast Camera (Mastcam) (MSSS-MALIN) on the Curiosity Rover. It might be one of the best images to actually show what the buttes really consist of. The image below has been enhanced to remove the dulling filters on the original images. The best way to see the debris is to download the image and zoom in on areas with your favorite image viewer.



Below are areas that were zoomed in and the interesting features/anomalies within those areas have been highlighted. There are many more anomalies in the composite.

mars-sol-1463-anomaly-artifacts-20a-was-life-on-mars mars-sol-1463-anomaly-artifacts-21a-was-life-on-mars mars-sol-1463-anomaly-artifacts-22a-was-life-on-mars mars-sol-1463-anomaly-artifacts-23a-was-life-on-mars mars-sol-1463-anomaly-artifacts-24-was-life-on-mars

mars-sol-1463-anomaly-artifacts-25-was-life-on-mars mars-sol-1463-anomaly-artifacts-26-was-life-on-mars mars-sol-1463-anomaly-artifacts-27-was-life-on-mars mars-sol-1463-anomaly-artifacts-28-was-life-on-mars mars-sol-1463-anomaly-artifacts-29-was-life-on-mars

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Mars Sol 1463 – Curiosity Rover Selfie Composite

Mars Hand Lens Imager (MAHLI) – Original Images from Mars Rover Curiosity

Curiosity Rover Selfie View 1e of Mars Sol 1463 – Click to enlarge
Curiosity Rover Selfie View Mahli 1e of Mars Sol 1463 – Click to enlarge
Curiosity Rover Selfie View Mahli 1e with edge detection of Mars Sol 1463 – Click to enlarge
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