Mars Sol 711 Curiosity Hidden Valley – 0711ML0030270000304691E01

Mastcam: Left 2014-08-06 16:08:07 UTC – Original Image from Mars Rover Curiosity at Hidden Valley

Mars Sol 711 anomalies. I believe the large alien elongated head at the top of the photo has previously been found but I don’t think some of the other highlighted anomalies have been.




What are the odds of 2 rocks next to each other having the same shape as well as specific features in the same areas. And another stone to the left with specific features and symmetry.


The stone below looks to have some decorative finish on it but I believe NASA has scrubbed this photo by blurring the top left portion of the stone.


The rock below looks to be a humanoid face. It’s looking up at the sky with the chin on the right, with mouth & teeth and eye.


The elongated alien like head stone has been previously found and looks to be made from the same material as the face above. Unfortunately NASA did not publish any other photos of this stone even though the rover did drive past it.


The stone below also looks to be the same material as above but have not idea what it is. It looks to have a cut straight line across it and some pattern on it.


Not sure what these anomalies are but interesting shapes.


Below is an example of an item being scrubbed from the photo. You can obviously see the straight line across the top of the item and distortion above it. You can also see a square portion below it that doesn’t match and is covering a portion of the item.



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