Mars Sol 710 Curiosity Hidden Valley – 0710MR0030150140402508E01

Mastcam: Right 2014-08-05 13:28:38 UTC – Original Image from Mars Rover Curiosity at Hidden Valley

This is the image where the tomb found by S. Waring is, however, there is whole lot more within this image than the tomb. The first thing that caught my eye was a sea turtle in the upper left hand corner, near it a rectangle (engineered looking) stone with a circle on it and a rock with an inlaid 90 degree angle at the bottom right. After looking longer I have found other items and every time I look at the image more things pop out at me.


These were some of the very first items I found (A) Stingray (B) Sea Turtle (C) Fish head with fin (D) Rectangle rock (engineered with straight lines and circle on it) (E) Rock with concave area and edges slanted all the way around rock seemingly at the same angle (F) Head with face (G) Rock with 90 degree angle and inlaid area


Additional items found in the image are below:

Sol 710 Mars Curiosity Rover tomb with artifacts - harry
Highlighted areas sharpened with filter – Click on image to zoom
Raised 90 degree angle in rock & another rock with 90 degree angle
Head with face, eyes, nose, mouth and hair (F above)
Tomb found by S. Waring
Large Lion’s head with some sort of gold piece that may have been on top next to it. The gold piece goes into a long point with something round on it.
Piece that may have been on top of Lion’s head
More interesting rocks in this image. The 2 rocks on the left are very similar but different in size. However each has very similar squiggly lines right behind what looks like an eye.
With enhanced filter applied.


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