Mars Sol 710 Curiosity Hidden Valley – 0710MR0030150100402504E01

Mastcam: Right 2014-08-05 13:26:13 UTC – Original Image from Mars Rover Curiosity at Hidden Valley

I’ll admit that I can only guess what a creature on a another planet would look like so when looking at Curiosity’s photos they could be easily missed. That said, I’m going to speculate on a few areas in this photo from Sol 710 where rocks are very strange looking but have some unique characteristics. Keep in mind some of these are half buried or partially covered with dirt.

Original image with filter applied and items of interest highlighted.

The 3 boxes at the bottom of the photo contain groups of items that are very interesting.

The first box on the bottom right includes a group of rocks that look very similar and another that looks like some type of fish.



As you can see the group of items on the left have similar features and resemble some type of sea creature (stingray, skate, etc.). The one on the right seems to look like a type of fish.


Going from left to right in this zoomed in image, the first item seems to have 2 large eye cavities on each side with a symmetrical nose between them. It also has 2 protrusions on the top of the head similar to ears. The second item also has symmetry a lot of symmetry going on with it. The items that are interesting are the shapes of each plate and the spikes sticking out where the 2 rounded areas of the plates come together. The third item to the far left circled has a very intriguing shape and looks similar to a sea creature.




The third highlighted box at the bottom of the photo also contains rocks that seem to be very similar is shapes with distinct angles and anomalies. 3 of the items seem to have flat tops with eye cavities that are separated with straight lines. This very well could be a case of pareidolia or shadow effects. However the last item in the photo is the most interesting of them as it clearly shows a rock with a perfect circle that is concave with lines it. It seems to perfect to be done by nature.



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