Mars Sol 713 Curiosity Hidden Valley – 0713ML0030340030304750E01

Mars Sol 713 anomalies. First glance at this photo from the Mars rover Curiosity, there seem to be some wall looking type structures on the side of the hill. They look like stacked rocks but the most interesting anomaly in the photo is in the very bottom left corner. It clearly shows a few perfectly square stones stacked and part of a wall and survived whatever horrific event happened on Mars.

Mastcam: Left 2014-08-08 18:21:24 UTC – Original Image from Mars Rover Curiosity at Hidden Valley




mars anomaly square stones in wall sol 713 was life on mars 2
Perfectly square stones stacked in wall.


mars anomaly square stone with holes sol 713 was life on mars 2
Circles in a square stone maybe for piping.


mars anomaly reptile head with fingers beside it sol 713 was life on mars 2
A reptile head with fingers to the side of it. Looks to be made from the same material like the other heads.


mars anomaly reptile head sol 713 was life on mars 2
Another reptile looking head with nostril and some type of design on it.


mars anomaly head 2 sol 713 was life on mars 2
A head that looks to be a collage of other heads on it. Three cylindrical objects can be seen laying around it.


mars anomaly rock with strange lines sol 713 was life on mars
A rock with odd lines in it.


mars anomaly head sol 713 was life on mars
Another head but hard to make out what it could be.


mars anomaly t shaped items sol 713 was life on mars
These are interesting and it’s not the first time I’ve seen these T shaped anomalies lying around.

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